Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Education Pathways been in business?
Education Pathways has been providing continuing education classes for nineteen years. The company was founded by Beth Hagan, M.Ed., MBA, Ph.D. Beth is a Certified Distance Education Instructor.

Are your courses approved?
Yes. Each state has a specific system for approval and Education Pathways is authorized to provide all the classes that are available on the website. Provider and approval numbers can be found in the materials for each class. Education Pathways offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with something.

How do I take a class?
Click on the class you want to take on the website’s home page. This will take you to detailed directions in the section “How do I take an online class?”

My credit card won’t work. What should I do?
Is the card valid? Should you try a different card? Did you click on terms and conditions?
Are the card number, expiration date, billing zipcode and security code correct?

How will my regulatory agency know I have completed my class?
You must take the class to the end. You will find a link to request your certificate of completion via download or email. If you are in a profession in a state that has an online reporting system, click “Report CEUs” and be sure to enter your correct name and license number. Be sure to submit the form. Save a copy of the Certificate of Completion for your records.

Will my professional license be sent to me after I report the completion of the class?
No. You must follow your state’s procedure for renewing your license. The class you completed fulfills the requirement for the continuing education that you needed to renew your license.

Does my name have to be on the credit card I use to enroll?
The important information is what is entered in the completion form at the end of the class. Enter your name and license number and submit your course completion at the end. It doesn’t matter who paid for the class.

What’s a “coupon code” option at the checkout? I don’t have a coupon code.
This option is built into the payment system for businesses that offer promotional discounts. There are no coupons available to the public at this time.

How do I get back to the class I paid for but haven’t completed?

  1. Click on “My Account” on top of the web site’s home page.
  2. Enter the user name and password that you chose when you purchased your first class.
  3. Click the orange “Log In” button below your password.
  4. Under “My Dashboard” click on “Downloads.”
  5. Click on the orange button for the course you wish to complete.

I tried to return to my class but I can’t log in.
It is possible that what you are entering is not exactly the same as what you used originally. Reset your password. If the reset information does not appear in your email, there was probably a typo in the email you entered originally. Email Customer Service.

I paid for a package but my account with the state shows I am short. Why wasn’t everything reported?
If you are in a state that receives completion notification from the education providers, the classes that you completed were reported from the form at the end of each class. It is possible that you skipped that step for one. Compare the list of classes in the package to what you see in your account. Return to the end of the class that is missing and report completion.

Where is the test?
There are no required tests or quizzes at this time in any of the classes.