Michigan Agency Law 3-Hours

Agency Law satisfies the 3-hour legal requirement for the Michigan Real Estate Commission for salespersons and brokers. Completion is reported to CE Marketplace within 24 hours.

3 Hours

ApprovalĀ  #C132525 in the legal category


Participants will:

  1. Recall the components of the NAR Code of Ethics relative to agency relationships.
  2. List the types of agency relationships.
  3. Acknowledge the duties of an agent to a principal and a customer.
  4. Relate the types and components of the agency relationship.
  5. Compare the methods of establishing an agency relationship.
  6. Recall the types of listing agreements.
  7. Recall the types of buyer agency agreements.
  8. Recall the types of trusts that relate to real estate.
  9. Recognize examples of fiduciary relationships.
  10. Recall the duties of the Fiduciary
  11. Describe the relationship between the agent and the customer.
  12. Recognize how to terminate an agency agreement.