Three exterior air conditioning units outside of a Texas office building

Texas ACR Contractor Renewal 8-Hours

This eight-hour online course meets all TDLR requirements for Air Conditioning Refrigeration Contractors to renew their license in Texas.

8 Hours

Course Approval Number - 28583

Texas License Number - 2297


This course contains eight one-hour segments.

  1. Title 8. Regulation of Environmental and Industrial Trades Chapter 1302: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors
  2. Title 16 Economic Regulation: Chapter 75.1. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors
  3. An Introduction to Financial Statements
  4. Cash Flow Management in the Construction Industry
  5. Employment Law and Avoiding Sexual Harassment
  6. Occupational Safety and Health Act and Workers Compensation for Construction Related Industries
  7. Preparing for Health and Safety Emergencies
  8. Pandemic Preparedness for the Construction Industry


License Renewal Requirements

To renew an air conditioning and refrigeration contractor license, you must complete 8 hours of continuing education, including one hour of instruction in Texas state law and rules that regulate the conduct of licensees.

Continuing education courses must be completed before your license expires.

If you did not complete the required continuing education courses prior to your license expiration, you may still be eligible for a late renewal. For a late renewal, the continuing education courses must have been completed within the one-year period immediately prior to the date of renewal.



Education Pathways will notify the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) that you have completed the class immediately. Please allow five days for your TDLR file to update.