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Condominium and Community Association Board Members

New board members have 90 days from the election to complete an education curriculum approved by the State. Otherwise, board members are required by Florida statutes to sign and submit a written certification that meets specific statutory requirements.

This class may be taken in advance of running for the board. All classes are approved for the state of Florida. Certificate of Completion is at the end of each course and may be printed.

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Special! - Certification and 10-Class Package

Everything a new board member needs!

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10 Class Package

Contains all the individual classes. This package is perfect for bringing new board members current with legal, financial and operating requirements or as a refresher for a long-term member.

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Condo and HOA Board Member Certification Class

Contains all the categories necessary to serve on a board.

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Individual Board Member Classes


Request a refund if you're not satisfied for any reason before any class is completed and your payment will be refunded immediately.

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    Using Requests for Proposals: What the Board Needs to Know

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    The Board and The Bank

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    Concrete Restoration Essentials for Community Associations

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    Principles of Pooling Reserves

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    Facts About Fraud

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    Plant Use on a Community Association Property

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    Accounting for Board Members

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    Insurance: Issues of the Board

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    Board Member Ethics

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    Conducting Meetings