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Michigan Code of Ethics 3-Hours

The Code of Ethics class satisfies the 3-hour elective requirement for the Michigan Real Estate Commission for salespersons and brokers. Completion is reported to CE Marketplace within 24 hours.

3 Hours

Approval #C132526 in the electives category


Participants will:

  1. Define the concept of ethical behavior as it applies to the real estate profession.
  2. Recognize the purpose and principles of an established Code of Ethics in the Real Estate profession.
  3. Recall the duties of a realtor to maintain the Code of Ethics.
  4. Recall the Standards of Practice that impact the behavior of realtors.
  5. Identify the source document for the “Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice” for reference in appropriate situations.
  6. Recall a realtor’s duties to clients and customers.
  7. Recall a realtor’s duties to the public.
  8. Recall a realtor’s duties to other Realtors.
  9. Enhance the awareness of the role of ethical business practices for successful real estate transactions.
  10. Recognize the application of Standards of Practice in case studies.