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TREC Legal Update II 2024-2025 4-Hours

4 hours of TREC's Legal Update II

4 Hours

Course Approval #47601

TREC School License #10704


Every renewal cycle, the Texas Real Estate Commission selects a mandatory topic that all renewing licensees should complete, as per Section ยง535.92 of the Commission’s Rules. Before renewing their licenses, all license holders must complete Legal Update I and II. This year, for those who renew their licenses in 2022 or 2023, the mandatory topic is Legal Updates, which covers essential laws and regulations relevant to licensees. The Texas Real Estate Commission provides the text and outline for the core course, which aims to bolster the competence of Texas license holders by reviewing recent legislative and TREC rule changes, including changes to TREC promulgated contract forms. These courses also touch on topics that are pertinent to the current practice of real estate in Texas.